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The SWOT Analysis: British American Tobacco


Darbas anglų kalba. SWOT analizė. Table of Contents. Executive summary. Main problem statement . Partial Problems. British American Tobacco. Introductory Chapter. Motivation. Problem Statement. Partial Problems. Interpretation. Scope. Methodology. Theories. Data Collection. Structure. Company Profile. The Value Chain Analysis. Suppliers. Manufacturing. Distribution. Marketing. Procurement. Research and Development. Human resource management. Infrastructure. Conclusion. Porter’s Five Forces. Barriers to entry. Economies of scale. Product differentiation. Capital requirements. Access to distribution channels. High exit costs. The intensity of rivalry. Concentration of the market. Differentiated product. Rate of market growth. Switching costs. Figure 1 – kinked demand for a firm under oligopoly. Bargaining power of suppliers. Bargaining power of buyers. Substitutes. Conclusion. Competitor Analysis. Defining competitors. Finding information about the competitor. Short overview of the competitor. Competitor’s future goals and objectives. Competitor’s assumption about itself. Capabilities (strengths and weaknesses). Current Strategy. Response patterns. Conclusion. Governmental influence. Labelling/Packaging. Taxation. Additives and Addictive Substances. Advertising. Smoking Restrictions. Pricing. Smuggling. Conclusion. SWOT analyses. Strengths. 100 years in the industry. BAT’s portfolio. Acquisition of ETI. Supply quality control. Product distribution. Differentiated product. Effective human resource management. Weaknesses. Company’s product. Absence of a key brand in BAT’s portfolio. Opportunities. Increase market share. Development of four "drive" brands. Threats. Health-related issues. Litigation. Competitor. Currency. Issue analyses. Conclusion. Abbreviations used in the Project B. Appendices.

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