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Management report: company KIA Auto in Lithuania


Darbas anglų kalba. Darbe analizuojama KIA Auto firmaLietuvos rinkoje. Vadybos raportas. Executive summary. Introduction. External analysis. Automotive industry’s in Lithuania overview. Five forces analysis. Competitive rivalry. Threat of new entries. Buyer’s power. Supplier’s power. Threat of substitute products. Internal analysis. Business model. resources. Threshold resources. Unique resources. Competences. Threshold competences. Core cmpetence. Pricing strategy. Stakeholders. Leadership (internal stakeholders). External stakeholders. KIA’s culture. Options. Option 1: Start manufacturing cars in Lithuania. Option 2: Join the new segment of the market with luxury cars. Option3: Quit the market. Option 4: Keep and improve the recent strategy. Conclusions. Recommendations. References. Appendixes (2 psl.).


This report focuses on the business of KIA Auto, a Korean car company, in Lithuania. The overview of KIA business in the relationship with industry environment will be introduced in the first part. Generally, with the recent financial and economic crisis, Lithuanian market is a competitive place not only for KIA Auto but also for every car company because each of them is trying to reduce the price and increase the quality of service. It is not difficult for customers to find cars with similar features and better price. As a consequence, the buyers’ power over KIA Auto is quite high while it wants to keep the loyalty of customers. On the other hand, the number of customers is limited so that the case in which new competitors join the market happens hardly. The following part of this report will evaluate the internal factors of KIA Auto in Lithuania such as business model, resources, stakeholders, pricing policy and company culture to find its strengths and weakness. According to that, the opportunities which KIA Auto can gain and the threats which it might face can be clearly figured out. What is more, based on both company’s external and internal elements, some options will be suggested to examine the future operations with particular actions. Last but not least are the recommendations for KIA in order to have a better performance in the future. With the good performance of Cee’d design, KIA Auto should pay more attention to it and try to retain it as one of its main models. The reputation of KIA Auto can be expended outside the capital city. Finally, the company should pay more attention to environmental issues and training programme for employees. ...

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  • A. Pumputis
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